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2nd December

The last few days have been really uneventful. I think they need to be though. The next couple of weeks are going to be hectic. The run up to Christmas in schools is always busy, even in Secondary schools. Plus, next weekend, my flatmate and I are off to the clothes show! It's been a tradition with me and my mother since I was 15, and now she brings a friend and I bring L. The weekend after that, is the school Christmas do and then on the Saturaday, we're going to see The Hobbit! Then, the weekend after, we break up for the holidays. 

H ( my SO) is still yet to make it to Birmingham. I'm not holding my breath for him to come any time soon. As Depache Mode say, 'words are very unnessacary.' I don't really know why I'm saying I'm in a relationship with him, when we don't do that much as a couple. Or anything in fact. Maybe there'll be some sort of Christmas miracle where he sorts himself out or I snap out of it. 


Serious work rant ahead

Don't read unless you want to hear a very annoyed teachers rant!Collapse )

On the plus side, I had my VERY low ability year 9 class do a test this morning, and I've just graded a few of them. I'm really pleased with them, they've worked so hard and I know some of them are going to be thrilled with their results. They all have some form of learning difficulty, mostly Dyslexia or Aspergers, so I have to alter my teaching style pretty dramatically, but they have really managed to pick up the skills that I've been trying to teach them. I promised them we could do drama work based on "Whistle and I'll come to You" next lesson, so that will give me a stress induced headache. I'll enjoy the finished products, but the practise time will KILL me!


Was another day off work. I know I needed to rest, but I felt really guilty. I'm back in school today and it's hard going. But I only had three lessons and the kids were good. 

Anyway, I had some good news from the bank. They have been looking at my finances and by combining my credit card and loan repayments, I can save around £30 a month. They're setting that up for me and I just need to sign some papers on Saturday. I've also saved up £500 over the past three months, so I'm going to pay off a lump sum of the loan too. I'm really trying to get this over and done with, so that I don't have it weighing down on me. I had to get the loan to buy furniture for my house, but I really wish I had managed to find another way to get the furniture without the loan. But to furnish a WHOLE house without the money...I think I needed to do it. 

I've managed two days of tracking everything I eat without fail. I know I said 20 yesterday, but I think I'll try a week, and then I'll incorporate a new goal with my nutrition. The nutrition is the main goal at the moment. I'm actually very good with fitness, I just need to allow for the fact that I have the flu at the moment, and I need to recognize that a 5-6km run after I have JUST recovered is not a smart idea. In fact it will make it worse! Acceptance is key

Snuffle, whine

So, I haven't really been on top of things lately. I don't know if it's November blues, or just me on a downer, but everything has just felt like the most massive effort, especially work. I'm actually off sick today, but I kind of wish I had just gone in, as it's the second day I've taken off this term and I don't really even like to take one day off. I've decided to try and get parts of my life on track, and bring it all together. So the first thing I'm trying to concentrate on is my exercise. I'm dedicating myself to doing at least ten minutes of exercise a day, along with 5 minutes of some sort of strength/weight training. Once I have got a 20 day streak (and I'm on 2 already), I'm going to then bring in tracking food. Once I have that sorted, I'm going to turn my attention to my social life. I think I need to reach out to people more, I'm very solitary a lot of the time. I'm really wanting to get my life sorted and back on track. I know I can achieve a lot, as the 7 medals I have prove. I just need to get my head back into gear!
So this is the first chapter of the fanfic I wrote. It's somewhere on fanfiction.net, but it is an OLD fanfic now.

The MeetingCollapse )

Fan Fiction

So, when walking dead first came out in the UK two years ago, I startes writing fan fic for it. I did, I think 5 stories with 30ish chapters each I think. I never finished the last one, I lost the drive. I'm tempted to post the first one on my live journal though. Thoughts?

30 things to do before I’m 30.

I have a feeling that the majority of this journal will be conconcerned with the achievement of this list. I'm 25 at the moment, and I am aiming to complete all this before the 15th May 2017. I'm sure I can get it done. An acceptable number to complete would be 20. Any less is a disappointment.

  1. Run the Spartan Sprint
  2. Run the Super Spartan
  3. Run the Spartan Beast
  4. Run one Marathon
  5. Pass Driving Theory.
  6. Get to 8.5 stone/119lbs
  7. Get to 20% Body fat
  8. Go to Australia
  9. Go to Japan
  10. Go to Paris
  11. Pay off loan
  12. Go to Berlin
  13. Own a pair of Jimmy Choos
  14. Go Rock Climbing
  15. Earn Sign Language certificate
  16. Re learn German
  17. Have an A-Level in Mathematics
  18. Have an A-Level in Physics
  19. Read top 100 books according to that Old BBC list
  20. Bout on the B team once
  21. Host a dinner party.
  22. Create Christmas Dinner
  23. Run Tough Mudder
  24. Run Warrior Dash
  25. Have a six pack
  26. Hold a snake
  27. Go back to America to see Aunt Jo, Nicole etc.
  28. Learn to Butcher a Pig
  29. Visit South America
  30. Get a huge ass back tattoo.



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